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John, this is your site, but please permit me to comment as follows:

The remarks I made earlier are not politics, they are happenings to Chatham (History occurring right before the eyes of the people). These topics will have profound effects on this township. Chatham is frequently thought of as the preeminence of all of Cape Cod. Your Blog and it's participants could bring the best of Chatham and all of its skill and energy that will be needed to bring positive change. These events will happen to the town, whether some of bloggers choose to join or not.

John, you have made a plea for more people to come to the site. There are many who come to this site who are Chatham Regulars of the past and need and wish to have to look back into the past-Again I get it.

What I do not get is the attempts of social separation and smugness that occurs from many in the 50-60's era and the remark(s) as made below. I have viewed more than a few people who have left your site for these types of comments- The Bloggers leaving are not in the chosen few and these folks wished for only enormously good things to happen to Chatham.

I would hope that more folks like Judy P, the younger Felcher and Elaine would come to this site, as I know they have hopes and dreams for the future of the town and are not afraid to accept the bold Challenges ahead.

Alan Wirsul
USA - Wed 03/20/2019 - 16:46:12
Melissa is right because history was the primary topic of the site when it was run by the TeleCam guys but they didn't want any political stuff. I, however, broadened the scope to allow that to give others a chance to post and hopefully get more activity, which it has done. But remember that just because one post is possibly political or town government related, you can post a history one next. There's no fixed thread here and it can wander between topics.
I would love to get more people active here to offset those whom we have lost to illness or death so if you're reading but never posting, PLEASE do so now!

J Hallgren (as Moderator)
Clearwater , FL USA - Wed 03/20/2019 - 09:46:30
If you read the mission statement of the Chat-M-Room, history is the first component! It has been my pleasure to read about times when I was either not around or too young to remember. It has also been my privilege to participate in discussions of current events. This venue allows those of us who are not on-site to connect on ALL levels.
If this Chat-M-Room does not meet the requirements of local politics, please feel free to start one with that specific focus. I will remain here. Thanks for listening.

USA - Wed 03/20/2019 - 09:33:12
Totally agree with you Alan. Too bad there's not more interest in these discussions. I don't agree however that some of these changes positively affect the Town. The proposed ADU bylaw is a developer's dream - and certainly not the fix folks think they're getting. In addition the proposed COA building doesn't seem to have a lot of support. I believe the Finance Committee isn't on board with the size of the proposed building either. The Sharks and seals are problems that won't be satisfactorily taken care of either prior to summer. The West Chatham roadway project with two rotaries within 900' of each other are still a bone of contention. We shall see how things progress.
WChatham, MA USA - Tue 03/19/2019 - 21:09:37
Hey Alan I take exception to the tone of your remarks - let us have our fun and our memories without being criticized - we enjoy sharing those stories and once in a while we even have a quiz about Chatham lore - it's a healthy pursuit for many of us - not to detract from the importance of the community issues you mention, just defending and explaining our right to enjoy ourselves in here .... Barry Jim Hallowell was my uncle, would love to hear your story
Ben H
USA - Tue 03/19/2019 - 20:42:33