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As kids growing up on North Beach, my brothers and I went to the "backside" alone, swam in the raging surf without supervision and somehow made it out alive and without incident. I also let my own kids do the same. Somehow now it seems like a foolhardy thing to do.
Nancy Ryder Petrus <>
Brewster, MA USA - Sat 03/25/2017 - 10:20:39
In the fifties the Oyster Pond teaching lifeguard was Alison Church. She wore a black and white checked cotton bathing suit, which, from all that bending over in the sun, turned her torso skin tan and white from the sun!
Emily <>
Rancho Mirage, CA USA - Sat 03/25/2017 - 09:48:50
From the age of eight, I spent every summer on the beach at the end of Andrew Harding's Lane without supervision and came home only for lunch or to change into a dry bathing suit.I don't think we had sharks or seals then but who knows. Today neither I nor my children will let the grandchildren go there alone even though the beach is almost in my back yard. Too bad.
Lisa Edge
Cherry Hill, NJ USA - Fri 03/24/2017 - 20:51:09
April Fool's Day coming up! One I heard today was when the bride's Dad was at her and his son-in-law's house and they had worked hard outside and it was time for a shower. The father-in-law went first, turned on the shower and jumped in. Quite quickly the water turned brown and the senior man jumped out noting the house was only two years old and should not have rusty pipes. Come to find out the son-in-law had unscrewed the shower head and inserted a beef bullion cube and screwed it shut again.

I switched the sugar and the salt one year. Axel was not happy with the salt in his coffee but was even more upset that I had wasted food. Tried not to do so since.

Carl Olson (Chowderman) <>
USA - Fri 03/24/2017 - 15:35:22
My siblings and I all learned to swim at Oyster Pond. Don't know how they are teaching now but our lifeguard teachers meant business, nothing "so called" about it. Still have one of my prized completion cards! Only negative I remember was when it was drizzly and cold...still had to go. Definite positive...Hojo's cone afterwards.
USA - Fri 03/24/2017 - 08:26:58